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The Ian McEwan Website www.ianmcewan.com has been designated by the author as the official Ian McEwan web presence. The website is maintained exclusively for the promotion of Ian McEwan's writing and is not responsible for representing his legal or literary endevours. The Ian McEwan Website is not affiliated with Jonathan Cape, Nan A. Talese, Vintage, Anchor Books, or any other entity that has published or is publishing the work of Ian McEwan.

The Ian McEwan Website hopes that fans, scholars, and general readers will benefit from the website and from the exchange of ideas that the Ian McEwan Website seeks to promote. To that end, the Ian McEwan Website quotes selectively from McEwan's works, in accord with fair use and with the author's direct consent.

"Fair use" notwithstanding, all visitors to the Ian McEwan Website pages should remember that all text written by Ian McEwan is copyrighted © by Ian McEwan. All images remain the ownership of the artist. Please do not download images or text from these pages, and do not use anything on these pages for any commercial purpose. Likewise, please note that the Ian McEwan Website is a nonbusiness entity and that the Ian McEwan Website pages are classified as a nonbusiness site.

If you have copyright questions concerning the work of Ian McEwan, please refer questions to his literary agent. Excepting the photographs of Ian McEwan and any excerpted text by Ian McEwan, the Ian McEwan Website is copyrighted © by Ryan Roberts. These web pages are intended for educational purposes only. The Ian McEwan Website does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, usefulness, or any other aspect of these pages. No warranty of any kind is implied, and nor will the copyright holder assume any legal liability or responsibility for the content of these pages. The entire risk as to their quality is borne by you.

(The ideas and wording in this disclaimer borrow heavily from the Don Delillo Society's disclaimer.)

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