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Margaret Atwood and Ian McEwan on Transformations

Two authors take their inspiration from Shakespeare and create something entirely new. This month's podcast looks at transformations and allows you the listener to be in at least two places at once. Recorded at the Cheltenham and Manchester Literary Festivals and London's Southbank Centre, we hear from Margaret Atwood about her new novel Hag-Seed whilst she also teaches Alex Clark how to rap. Ian McEwan tells us more about Nutshell and we get to hear readings from both. Plus an interview with digital artist Zach Lieberman who allows people to interact with the very words on the page.

Ian McEwan on Age

'But no one over 30 could understand this peculiarly weighted and condensed time, from late teens to early 20s, a stretch of life that needed a name, from school leaver to salaried professional, with a university and affairs and death and choices in between. I had forgotten how recent my childhood was, how long and inescapable it once seemed. How grown-up and how unchanged I was.' – Sweet Tooth