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Non-English Criticism

(Additional English and Non-English Criticism
can be found on the Bibliography & Criticism webpage.)

Image of the Estonian edition of AmsterdamEstonia

Riistan, Argo. 'INTERVJUU inglise menukirjaniku Ian McEvaniga', Kultuur, 8 veebruar 2001. [Interview].

Kaer, Krista. 'Ian McEwan', Kultuur, 8 veebruar 2001. [Overview of McEwan's works].

Lange, Anne. 'Nii viisakas, kui veel võimalik [As Polite as Can Be]', Arkaadia, 4 January 2002.


Payandeh, Hossein. "Zendegi, Eshgh va Digar heech [Life is Nothing but Love]". Goftemane Naghd (The Discourse of Criticism). Iran: Rooznegar, 2003 [Originally published in Karnameh (September 2001), along with a translation of "To and Fro"]. Note: A second printing of Goftemane Naghd will be published in 2006. Available at www.iranbin.com.


Goldan, Shai. 'The Best Book I Have Ever Read', Walla, 12 April 2003.


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Repse, Gundega. 'Ka es ticu slavai un zvaigznem', Diena (Riga), 3.5.1999. [Black Dogs]

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