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Image of the Audio edition of Enduring LoveAudio Books
Titles arranged by original publication date

The Cement Garden

Read by Steven Crossley. Prince Fredrick, MD: Recorded Books, 2003. Unabridged. (4 cassettes, 5 hrs. / ISBN: 1402539940). [Recorded Books Website].

The Comfort of Strangers

Read by Alex Jennings. Hampton, NH: Chivers North America, 2001. (Available on CD & Cassette).

Read by Simon Prebble. Prince Fredrick, MD: Recorded Books, 2003. Unabridged. (3 cassettes, 4 hrs. 15 mins. / ISBN: 1402539886). [Recorded Books Website].

The Child in Time

Read by Nathaniel Parker. Bath, England/Hampton, NH: Chivers Audio Books, 1999 (8 cassettes, 8 hr., 15 min. / ISBN: 0754003469).

The Innocent

Read by John Franklyn-Robbins. Prince Fredrick, MD: Recorded Book. Unabridged. (7 cassettes, 10 hrs. / ISBN: 078878157X). [Recorded Books Website].

Read by Steven Pacey. Bath, England: Chivers Press Publishers, 1991 (8 cassettes, 8 hrs., 30 mins.).

Read by David Dukes. New York: HarperCollins, 1991 (2 cassettes, 180 mins. / ISBN: 1559944250).

The Daydreamer

Read by Simon Prebble. Prince Frederick, MD: Recorded Books. Unabridged. (2 cassettes, 3 hrs. / ISBN: 1-4025-3986-X). [Recorded Books Website].

Image of the Audio edition of The Cement GardenEnduring Love

Read by Steven Crossley. Prince Frederick, MD: Recorded Books, 1998. Unabridged. (6 cassettes, 9 hrs. / ISBN: 0788721763). [Recorded Books Website].

Read by Maxwell Caulfield. Los Angeles, CA: Publishing Mills, 1998 (4 cassettes, 5 hrs. / ISBN: 1575110407).

Read by David Threlfall. Bath, England: Chivers Audio Books, 1998 (8 cassettes, 8 hrs., 35 mins. / ISBN: 0754002004).


Read by Arthur Addison. Newport Beach, CA: Books on Tape, 1999 (3 cassettes/4 CDs, 4.5 hrs.).

Read by Max Caulfield. Los Angeles: The Publishing Mills, 1999. Unabridged. (4 cassettes, ISBN: 1575110601).


Read by Jill Tanner. Prince Fredrick, MD: Recorded Books, 2002. Unabridged. (10 cassettes, 14 hrs., 15 mins. / ISBN: 1402517963). [Recorded Books Website].

Read by Josephine Bailey. Beverly Hills, CA: The Publishing Mills, 2002 (4 cassettes/ 5 CDs, 6 hrs. / ISBN: 1575111136).

Read by Carole Boyd. Bath: Chivers Audio Books, 2002 (10 cassettes, 12 hrs., 33 mins. / ISBN: 0754008304; 10 CDs, ISBN: 0754055124).


Read by James Wilby. Bath, England : BBC Audiobooks, 2005. Unabridged. (9 hr. 45 min. / ISBN: 9781405601641).

Read by Steven Crossley. Prince Fredrick, MD: Recorded Books, 2005. Unabridged. (11 hrs. / ISBN: 9781419332876). [Recorded Books Website].

On Chesil Beach

Read by Ian McEwna. Random House Audiobooks, 2007. Unabridged. (4 hrs., 30 mins.)


Read by Roger Allam. Random House Audiobooks, 2010. Unabridged. (10 hrs.) [Also features McEwan in conversation with his UK editor, Dan Franklin].

Film Adaptations

First Love, Last Rites. Trimark Home Video, 1997. [Starring Natasha Gregson Wagner, Giovanni Ribisi, and Jesse Peretz].

The Cement Garden. New Yorker Video, 1994. [Directed by Andrew Birkin. Starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Andrew Robertson, Alice Coulthard, and Ned Birkin].

The Comfort of Strangers. Paramount, 1991. [Directed by Paul Schrader. Starring Christopher Walken & Natasha Richardson].

Enduring Love. Paramount, 2005. [Directed by Roger Michell. Starring Daniel Craig, Rhys Ifans, and Samantha Morton].

Atonement. Focus Films, 2007. [Directed by Joe Wright. Starring Keira Knightley and James McAvoy].


Or Shall We Die? Performed by Heather Harper, David Wilson-Johnson and Richard Hickox. Hayes, Middlesex, England: His Master's Voice, 1984 (12 inch LP recording, 33 1/3 rpm, stereo/analog).


Includes television & radio, readings, and general appearances


Ian McEwan on the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/audiointerviews/realmedia/mcewani/mcewani1.ram

Ian McEwan talks about Saturday (BBC Radio 4):

Ian McEwan talks with Richard Dawkins: Root of All Evil? [This is the uncut interview from the Channel 4 TV program 'The Root of All Evil?', hosted by Richard Dawkins. This video is part of the DVD collection available through the RichardDawkins.net store].

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